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LIPA Commission Terminates Relationship With GDS Associates Consulting Firm, Resets Schedule for Hearings and Final Report to the Fall

LIPA Commission Terminates Relationship With GDS Associates Consulting Firm, Resets Schedule for Hearings and Final Report to the Fall

GDS Associates’ Termination is a Result of the Commission’s Ongoing Response to the Misconduct of One of GDS’ Employees on a Recent Zoom Meeting, and is Consistent with the Commission’s “Zero Tolerance” Policy Toward Sexual Harassment and Related Wrongdoing

Due to the Commission’s Second Round of Hearings in April Being Adjourned because of the Extended Negotiation of the State Budget, Hearings will Resume in September and the Commission’s Final Report will be Published in November

            The New York State Legislative Commission on the Future of the Long Island Power Authority met in Albany today and voted to terminate its relationship with GDS Associates, one of two outside firms retained by the Commission to assist it in its work to deliver to the legislature a plan for transitioning LIPA into a true public power provider – one that both owns and operates the electric grid on Long Island and in the Rockaways – as required pursuant to NY Legislative Law § 83-n, due to the misconduct of a GDS employee during a recent Zoom meeting of the Commission’s Advisory Committee. The Commission will also ask the legislature to reset the schedule for the Commission’s second round of hearings to September, and the deadline for producing a final report to the legislature to November. This will allow the Commission to continue to proceed with transparency and deliberation, while still delivering a plan well in advance of the next legislative session.

“The legislature and the Commission have a ‘zero tolerance’ policy toward sexual harassment and related wrongdoing, which is why within hours of his misconduct during a Zoom meeting the GDS Associates employee was removed from our project, and was ultimately terminated by GDS. We now continue our work to deliver a more efficient utility service with a higher level of accountability for Long Island ratepayers through an expeditious and transparent process that puts consumers first.” – Senator Kevin Thomas, Commission Co-Chair

“Today's decision to terminate our relationship with GDS Associates reflects the seriousness with which the legislature and the Commission take instances of sexual harassment and misconduct. We look forward to continuing our robust efforts to engage the public and stakeholders in helping us shape our final report to the Legislature, so that ratepayers on Long Island and in the Rockaways have the transparent, accountable, and efficient public utility we all deserve.” – Assembly Member Fred W. Thiele, Jr., Commission Co-Chair

For additional information, please contact the Commission’s executive director, Hon. Rory Lancman, at or 917-3639004.

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